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Offering World-class Surveillance & Security Systems To Provide You a Safe & Secure Environment


CCTV & Access Solution

We ensure that your premise is under complete surveillance & in turn protected in all aspects.

HRMS Solution

In today's fast-paced and dynamic business environment, managing human resources efficiently and effectively is crucial for the success of any organization.

Smart Home Solution

Discover the ultimate smart home solution. Experience convenience. Control your home with ease. Enhance comfort and security.

Warranty Based Services

We provide warranty based services to clients, for the products installed in their premises

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The Perfect Combo: High Security Cameras and Punching Machines.

In a world where security is paramount, businesses and homeowners are constantly looking for ways to enhance their safety measures. One powerful duo that is gaining popularity is the combination of high-security cameras and punching machines. These two technologies work hand in hand to provide a comprehensive security solution that leaves no room for potential threats.

  • Accurate in tough environments

    Adverse conditions such as snow, heavy rain and low light. Even in challengeing environments it delivers clear detection results.

  • Rapid calculations

    Calculation speeds of 200+IPS speed with a single, affordable GPU

  • Scalable, multi-format solution

    Easy to upgrade lefacy hardware and cameras, letting you transform existing surveillance systems into powerful deep learning solutions.


Revolutionizing HR Management with HRMS

In today's fast-paced and dynamic business environment, managing human resources efficiently and effectively is crucial for the success of any organization. This is where Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) come into play, revolutionizing the way HR departments operate and adding immense value to organizations of all sizes.

Employee Self-Service: HRMS allows employees to update personal information, apply for leaves, view pay stubs, and access company policies and benefits through a self-service portal, reducing the administrative burden on HR staff.

Recruitment and Onboarding: HRMS simplifies the recruitment process by posting job openings, tracking applicants, conducting interviews, and managing onboarding tasks seamlessly.

Performance Management: With HRMS, organizations can set goals, track performance, conduct appraisals, and provide feedback to employees, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Time and Attendance Tracking: HRMS automates time tracking, attendance monitoring, and leave management, ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance with labor laws.

Training and Development: HRMS helps in identifying skill gaps, creating training programs, tracking employee progress, and evaluating training effectiveness to enhance employee skills and performance.



Software Services and Website Development

Software services and website development are essential for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. These services can provide customized solutions tailored to specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective operations. With the right software services, companies can streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and stay competitive in the digital market. Additionally, website development plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers, ultimately leading to increased brand visibility and revenue.

  • Why Website Matters?

    Your website is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. It serves as a digital storefront, showcasing your products or services and providing valuable information to visitors. A well-designed website can help you attract and retain customers, build credibility, and drive conversions. On the other hand, a poorly designed website can turn visitors away and hurt your brand reputation.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

    The design of your website plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors. Focus on creating a visually appealing layout, easy navigation, and consistent branding. Utilize elements such as color schemes, typography, and imagery to enhance the overall user experience.



Streamlining Communication: The Power of Wireless in Unified Communication Systems

In today's fast-paced digital world, effective communication is the key to success for any business. With the rise of remote work and the increasing need for seamless collaboration among team members, having a unified communication system in place has become more crucial than ever. And when it comes to streamlining communication, the power of wireless technology cannot be underestimated.

  • The Benefits of Unified Communication System

    A unified communication system combines various communication tools such as voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and email into a single platform. This integration not only simplifies communication but also enhances productivity and efficiency within an organization. Employees can easily switch between different modes of communication based on their needs, leading to faster decision-making and smoother collaboration.

  • The Role of Wireless Technology

    Wireless technology plays a significant role in making unified communication systems more flexible and accessible. With wireless devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, employees can stay connected and engaged regardless of their location. This is especially important in today's remote work environment, where employees may be working from different locations or on the go.

    By leveraging wireless technology, employees can participate in video conferences, respond to emails, and collaborate on projects in real-time, all from their mobile devices. This level of flexibility not only boosts productivity but also improves employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

  • Seamless Integration and Connectivity

    One of the key advantages of using wireless technology in a unified communication system is the seamless integration and connectivity it offers. Employees can easily connect their devices to the company network and access all communication tools from a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple logins and passwords, streamlining the communication process and reducing the risk of errors or miscommunication.


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This is a serious firm with multiple top notch engineers who do not drop the ball when passing aspects of a project to a colleague internally.

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Working with DotFlix is a fantastic. The company's innovative approach to streaming services allows for creative freedom and collaboration.

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Over the past 9 months, DotFlix has consistently provided ongoing support, addressing any issues promptly and ensuring that our HRMS software runs smoothly.Their support has been instrumental in enhancing our HR operations and overall business efficiency.

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DotFlix's attentive approach to customer needs and their dedication to ensuring value for the service offered are commendable. The leadership's keen understanding of their clients' requirements and the collaborative efforts of their teams have translated into tangible results.

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